100 health TIPS: 11/20

  1. Eating a banana for breakfast is an effective way to lose weight. This is called the ‘morning banana diet’. When following this diet, you have to eat bananas for breakfast, drink plenty of water, don’t eat anything after 8 PM and go to bed before midnight. This diet is said to stimulate your metabolism.
  2. Eat high-fiber products. You can find them in fruits, legumes, nuts, grains and vegetables. Fibers strengthen your immune system and reduce the chance of cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Carbohydrates do not make you gain weight. They are an important source of energy that is also low in fat, which is why it is not a good idea to reduce your consumption of carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight, it is better to cut down on sauces and extra dishes that you might eat next to the food rich in carbohydrates which you normally Naturjoghurt, Heidelbeereneat.
  4. If you want to pamper yourself, go for a healthy alternative, such as yoghurt and fruits.
  5. Dairy products like yoghurt are good for your bones, because of the calcium and vitamin A, which is good for your skin. Non-fat yoghurt also contains good bacteria, which have a positive effect on your digestive system.
  6. Drink orange juice or eat at least one orange a day. Citrus fruits contain a high dose of vitamin C. They strengthen our immune system and thus help us heal from infections faster. Vitamin C also enables your body to absorb iron, which is helpful in preventing anemia. Other sources of vitamin C are berries, tomatoes’, kiwis and leafy green vegetables.
  7. Steamed oysters are good for your health, because they contain zinc. Your body needs zinc to produce cells and repair tissue. Furthermore it helps the immune and reproductive system to function normally. You can also find zinc in beef and pork.
  8. If you want to improve your eyesight, it is important to get enough vitamin A, C and E, together with beta-carotene and lutein. These are antioxidants that reduce the risk of eye problems, especially the ones related to aging. Leafy green vegetables are an important source of these antioxidants.
  9. Don’t eat when you’re not hungry. If you do, you will most likely gain weight. Whenever you are feeling hungry, it’s best to drink some water first. Sometimes you will feel hungry when you are thirsty instead. If you still feel hungry after drinking water, you should eat. But don’t eat too much! Keep it modest. Eat slowly and enjoy whatever is on your plate, without adding anything else.
  10. Be aware of the temptations that come with parties and Holidays, as they might prompt you to eat too much. It is very tempting to want to try all of the different varieties of foods that are available during these times so try to use some self-restraint. Less is more, especially with food.
  11. Be aware of what you drink. Soft drinks, coffee, energy drinks and alcohol contain a lot of calories and can have a bad influence on fats. If you are feeling thirsty, try to quench it with a glass of water, or diluted fresh fruit juice.

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