There are 3220 calories in 1lb of fat. This means that if you decrease your calorie intake by this amount, or use up this amount through exercise, you can lose 1lb of fat. It is important to know that specialists advise you not to lose more than 2.2lbs a week. This is to make sure your body adapts well to the weight loss.

Here are some tips for healthy weight loss: 1lb is 3220 calories

  • Running: If you run for an hour at low speed, you burn 350 calories on average. This can change according to your body type, speed and the terrain. If you do this for 5 days a week and continue eating normally, you will have lost 1lb at the end of the week.

A lot of people start eating pasta when they start running. Pasta contains a lot of carbohydrates. They think that, because they are so active, they deserve or even need this. It would keep their energy level high. But these people do not realize that, even though they supply their body with enough energy for its activities, they are not using up the body’s reserves. As such, there is no reason for the body to lose weight. It is even possible to eat more calories than you use up, and thus gain weight! Running has a positive effect on your metabolism and your muscles, which will burn more calories. But be careful with what you eat, so that you will not be surprised by unexpected weight gain.

  • Eat at home: Whenever you dine out, you are at risk of eating food high in calories AND of eating more than you would usually do. The social situation makes interacting with your friends more important than the food, which can cause you to forget what you are eating.

What should have been a 500 calorie meal can suddenly become a 1500 calorie meal. It is important to be aware of what you eat, especially when you are just starting a new way of life. It’s good to prepare your own meals, know what the influence is of these meals on your body and change them according to your needs and keep a close eye on your hunger.

Healthy weight loss comes down to 2 things:

  • Eat healthier and eat less.
  • Get more (regular) exercise at a higher level than your body is used to.

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