Food Facts

Turmeric and pepper

Turmeric offers several health benefits: it cleanses, stops infections and is good for your bowels. The only problem is that it isn’t absorbed into the body easily. But if you combine it with black pepper, which is good for your digestion, it works a whopping 1000% better!

Asparagus and egg
Eating asparagus and egg together helps the liver to detoxify your body.

Do avocados make you fat?
Just half an avocado contains twice as many calories as a whole apple! But it also contains aFood facts lot of healthy nutrients and important fats. As a result, it isn’t so bad to eat it on a regular basis. Just don’t overdo it.

Fat is bad?
A lot of vitamins can only be found in fats. Furthermore, fats contain important nutrients. There are of course some fats that aren’t so good for your health: trans fats. Trans fats are artificially created and should be avoided.  All fats supply us with a lot of energy. This is why it is important not to eat too much of them.


The passion fruit

A sour taste, rich in vitamins A and C and the flesh and seeds are edible… we are obviously talking about the passion fruit. passion fruit

This tropical fruit can have a wrinkly or smooth skin, depending on the ripeness. If the fruit is smooth or a bit wrinkly, it is not ripe yet. But not everyone knows about the health effects this juicy fruit can have on us.

Healthy passion?

Yes, this fruit is definitely healthy! Research has proven this fruit to lower your blood pressure AND your cholesterol. It is also known to slow down the growth of cancer cells. And there’s more! The seeds will improve your bowel movements, are good for your heart and blood vessels and are rich in anti-oxidants, fibers, iron and zinc. These are good for your muscles, eyes and skin.

The passion fruit is also a good choice for people who want to lose weight. It contains relatively few calories and it tastes great. It also tastes great in combination with yoghurt, blueberries, grapefruit and oranges. And remember: the uglier it looks, the better it will taste!

New way of eating

Tips to lose weight:

1. Get rid of all temptations: throw away all potato chips, cookies and other junk food that’s rich in sugar.

2. Eat more healthy snacks in between meals, so you will never feel very hungry.

3. Have a small meal in the evening and a big breakfast in the morning. People who do not eat anything for breakfast will usually gain weight faster than people who get the same amount of calories, but do eat something for breakfast.

4. Know the reason why you are eating! If you’re eating because of stress or unhappiness, it is important to find out where these feelings come from.

5. Always have some food with you in case of emergencies. Make sure you have some healthy snacks with you, so you can eat something when you feel hungry unexpectedly. Keep these snacks in your car or in your handbag. In many situations you will not find healthy food in your vicinity, and having a healthy snack at hand will prevent you from buying unhealthy food.

6. Keep a food diary. Write down your weight so you can track your progress. This will motivate you to lose even more weight.

7. Eat slowly and be aware of what you eat and how you eat. If food doesn’t get fully digested, nutrients will not be absorbed well by the body. Furthermore your bowels might get overburdened. Taking your time when eating will also give your body the opportunity to produce substances that will give you that saturated feeling. When you eat too fast, you might still feel hungry while your body doesn’t need any more food, but hasn’t been given enough time to let you know.

New way of eating








These practical tips are from the workbook that comes with the DVD ‘Nutrition’. When purchasing this DVD, you will not only help yourself to get a healthier lifestyle, but you will also support the foundation in making new DVD’s, which they can use to help more people with their health issues. The DVD will be available in our shop soon.

100 health tips 31 / 40: ALLERGIES


  1. Use a diary to keep track of your activities what you eat. Write down when you are experiencing an allergic reaction. This might give some insight in the cause of your allergy. Allergic reactions are not only food related. Sometimes scents, soap, cosmetics, clothing fabrics or animals can produce an allergic reaction.
  2. Do not hesitate to ask for the ingredients that are used in dishes in restaurants. It is also a good idea to let the host of a party you are going to know you are allergic to certain things. If you’re not sure whether a dish contains something you are allergic to, it is best to ask. And just in case, make sure you are always carrying the right medicines with you.
  3. If you can have a very strong allergic reaction, it is best to wear an allergy bracelet that has the sign of your allergy on it. This is helpful information for people who are trying to help you whenever you are experiencing an attack. It is also important to tell your family and friends about your allergy.
  4. Go to a specialist who can help you find out what it is exactly that you are allergic to and provide you with the right medicines.
  5. There are many common allergens and it might be a good idea for you to compare those symptoms to your own. If you see many similarities you can try to avoid the possible causes. If it works you might not even have to go to a doctor!
  6. As soon as you know what you are allergic to, changing your habits would be best. But don’t just remove a certain nutrient from your diet! Look for a replacement to make sure your diet remains balanced.
  7. The hardest thing is when you are allergic to a food you really love. But even in such a case you will have to go on without it. It isn’t easy, but unfortunately it is necessary. Certain
  8. If you are allergic to specific nut, it might be better not to eat any other nuts either. Your allergen might be present in other nuts as well. It will be easier to find out which foods and products you have to avoid if you know what your allergen is.
  9. Stress and other kinds of tension can also cause an allergic reaction to take place. Try to find out when it happens en counter the tension with relaxation, meditation, reflection or another method. If you are not allergic to milk, you might want to try drinking a glass of milk before you go to bed. It can help you sleep better, and this reduces stress.
  10. Keep up your guard! Allergic reactions can happen at all times. Don’t think of only the here and now, but look ahead for possible causes. Make sure you are prepared, especially when you are not at your own home. Being careful can prevent panic and keep you and your surrounding safe.

Laugh yourself healthy!

The following might sound familiar to you: Laugh yourself healthy

Someone tells a joke, but you don’t find it funny. Somehow you start laughing anyway and you can’t stop.
Is this weird? No, it isn’t. Results from American research show that we laugh to show we are socially involved with people more than we laugh because something is funny.


By laughing you display a certain form of affection and you strengthen the relationship between you and the other. So laughing has a communicative function: binding relationships. This starts when you are just a baby. 3 months after you are born, you already start smiling at your parents. This is a way of displaying affection to the person who will be taking care of them.


What effect does laughing have on you?

  • When you laugh, you are actually massaging your organs. You use your facial, abdominal and diaphragm muscles. This lowers the muscle tension in your other muscles and thus relaxes you.
  • Your heartbeat and blood pressure will adjust to each other. This is because you take deeper breaths when you are laughing, which increases your blood circulation. Your blood will transport nutrients through your body more quickly.
  • When you are laughing, your body produces endorphin. This hormone reduces pain and stress.
  • Laughing is not only fun, but it also has a positive effect on your immune system.

In short: laugh yourself healthy! 


There are 3220 calories in 1lb of fat. This means that if you decrease your calorie intake by this amount, or use up this amount through exercise, you can lose 1lb of fat. It is important to know that specialists advise you not to lose more than 2.2lbs a week. This is to make sure your body adapts well to the weight loss.

Here are some tips for healthy weight loss: 1lb is 3220 calories

  • Running: If you run for an hour at low speed, you burn 350 calories on average. This can change according to your body type, speed and the terrain. If you do this for 5 days a week and continue eating normally, you will have lost 1lb at the end of the week.

A lot of people start eating pasta when they start running. Pasta contains a lot of carbohydrates. They think that, because they are so active, they deserve or even need this. It would keep their energy level high. But these people do not realize that, even though they supply their body with enough energy for its activities, they are not using up the body’s reserves. As such, there is no reason for the body to lose weight. It is even possible to eat more calories than you use up, and thus gain weight! Running has a positive effect on your metabolism and your muscles, which will burn more calories. But be careful with what you eat, so that you will not be surprised by unexpected weight gain.

  • Eat at home: Whenever you dine out, you are at risk of eating food high in calories AND of eating more than you would usually do. The social situation makes interacting with your friends more important than the food, which can cause you to forget what you are eating.

What should have been a 500 calorie meal can suddenly become a 1500 calorie meal. It is important to be aware of what you eat, especially when you are just starting a new way of life. It’s good to prepare your own meals, know what the influence is of these meals on your body and change them according to your needs and keep a close eye on your hunger.

Healthy weight loss comes down to 2 things:

  • Eat healthier and eat less.
  • Get more (regular) exercise at a higher level than your body is used to.

I look tired!

You wake up, look in the mirror and you look very tired. Does this sound familiar? We often put some make-up on or use creams to hide the dark circles under our eyes, putting our faith in these cosmetics to make us look fresh and energetic during our busy life. These means can help you accomplish this, but sometimes there is something else the matter. It can be food which is making you look so tired.

I Look tired







If you continuously look tired, while trying your best to look more awake, it could be your diet that is causing this. In this article we will look at some of the possible malefactors. Carry on reading to find out what you can accomplish by changing your diet and how you can look more energetic!


Food that contains a lot of salt can dehydrate you. A dehydrated skin makes you look more tired than you actually are. Instead of salt, you can use herbs to season your food.

Artificial sweeteners
Regular sugars can cause infections, but artificial sweeteners will do this even more! And infections make you look bloated. Artificial sweeteners often contain aspartame, which is suspected of contributing to swollen and painful joints and cravings for sugar. Instead of these artificial sweeteners, you should choose natural sugars, preferably fruit sugars, to prevent looking bloated.


One glass of wine during dinner won’t cause you a lot of harm, but anything more than that can cause dehydration. If you can’t resist alcoholic drinks, it could be a good idea to pick a drink that also contains water or drink some water in between.

Fried food

Ebi tempura, french-fries and onion rings are the worst enemy of your skin. Fried food contains a lot of oil and unsaturated fats. This will cause the blood cells to stick together and clog arteries, which will make your skin look dull.


Carbohydrates can damage the collagen in your skin, which will make your skin look chubby and unhealthy. An overdose of carbohydrates will not only cause you to look tired, but also makes you FEEL tired. Try to eat a salad instead of a sandwich 2 times a week and add more vegetables to your meals, instead of rice or bread.


Candy contains a lot of sugar and no useful nutrients. Overconsumption of sugar will make your insulin levels rise, after which they will drop again rather quickly. This causes you to feel tired. Candy can also be the cause of the puffy skin under your eyes. If you can’t resist candy, try to eat smaller portions.

Red meat

No, you don’t have to become a vegetarian. But eating red meat more than once a week may cause wrinkles! This is because red meat contains carnitine, which hardens the veins. So it is advised to eat red meat once a week at the most.


Especially canned meat-products are known to cause infections in the skin that can give you a pallid face. So instead of the canned goods, try putting fresher products on your sandwich.


Spicy food

Spicy food is good for your metabolism, but isn’t so good for your skin. Spicy food can cause irritation of the skin, which in turn makes your skin less smooth. Try to use milder products in your meals.

I hope this will inspire you to make your own diet more healthy and to look fresh and energetic every day!