The reason why high cholesterol does not cause cardiovascular disease.

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21st November  2015 10 December 2015 Simon Koorengevel 0 Comment American Heart Association, Cholesterol, Cardiovascular diseases, Heart attack, Heart Patient

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American Heart Association Research

During April 2001 an elaborate research was published by the American Heart Association under the name of “Lyon Diet Heart Study”.

Link to the research results

Lyon Diet Heart Study

What does this research involve?

During this research two diets were tested, voluntarily, on a big group of experimental subjects with a high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Important in this research was the question whether there was a possible link between high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. The experiments stopped prematurely as it appeared that the number of people with death risk as a result of cardiovascular diseases decreased by 70 % in case of high cholesterol levels. An unexpected outcome. The cause: the Mediterranean diet, which is described in this research.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a molecule which enables the transportation of a healing agent in case of infections and lesions in your body. Once an infection or lesion develops in the body, the body receives a signal to repair the damage. Therefore, a high amount of cholesterol sends out a signal that a lot of damage has to be repaired in order to transport the necessary nutrients to the cells. Cholesterol is nothing more than a transportation material to transport these nutrients.

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Water does not cause a tsunami, but a tsunami will not occur without water.
The same applies to cardiovascular diseases.
Cholesterol does not cause cardiovascular diseases, but without cholesterol there would not be any cardiovascular diseases.


A terrible story of why we wear braces. Malocclusion!


What is the cause of crooked teeth?

  • Is it caused by a genetic defect? No!
  • Is it a natural phenomenon? No!
  • Is there an animal species with buck teeth? No!
  • Is it connected to the nutrition of our civilization? Yes!


What do orthodontists say? 

Orthodontists say that the cause, like with most other diseases,  is a mix of genetics and living conditions, but it is generally treated merely as a genetic problem while the overwhelming evidence points to a lack of certain nutrients and physical degeneration.


What is Malocclusion?

Malocclusion is the misalignment of jaws and/or teeth. It has grown into an epidemic problem which now concerns 95% of the people in the civilized world. It is completely normal to wear braces these days, but should we take it as normal?

An important distinction between cause and effect: orthodontists treat the symptoms (the effects) of malocclusion, but it is overtly acknowledged that they do not actually know by what it is caused.


Interesting to know!

  • There are 5400 types of mammals and human beings are the only species whose members may have crooked teeth.
  • The anatomical human being has existed for 160,000 years, whereas malocclusion appeared only 200 years ago and now affects almost 95% of the civilized world.
  • Our ancestors had 32 teeth which were perfectly lined up, and with 10 mm of space behind their wisdom teeth.
  • There was no need for orthodontics! No holes! White teeth! No caries! No braces!
  • Only 5% of our ancestors had malocclusion. (Trauma or disease being an obvious source).
  • Occlusion, teeth that are properly lined up, can be found in only five percent of the people in modern society.


Does heredity play role?

  • The theory of teeth displacement points out, that “too big teeth are inherited from father and too little jaw from mother”. If that was true, why don’t we see it then from parents whose jaws are too big and teeth are too small and with gaps between the teeth?
  • A little poodle can be crossed with a Great Dane (a much bigger dog) with an obvious contrast – big teeth and jaw, but their offspring will have perfectly aligned teeth and jaws.
  • At the beginning of the 19th century, when the world experienced great changes during the industrial revolution, there was a sudden increase in malocclusion.


This increase is the result of nutrition and physical degeneration

The Inuit people (Eskimos), who are recognized as Canadian citizens were given social housing and food resources. They moved to the modern civilization and developed the same level of malocclusion within two generations (similar observations were made worldwide). Gen theory cannot explain the high speed with which malocclusion emerges, especially when a pure-blooded population (e.g. the Eskimos) is affected so quickly.

Weston Price

Weston Price was a brilliant jaw surgeon. When he was sixty, he had earned enough money and said to his wife: “We are going to make a world trip”. He rented a little plane and visited 14 places. Here he carried out research among the population. People who were separated from the modern world, but also people of the the civilized world. His findings were remarkable.


Switzerland, Loetsschental 1932

The population of this valley was closed off the outside world and they ate only food that they grew themselves, milk and meat from their own livestock. People from that valley had perfectly aligned healthy teeth, a round head, flat nose and eyes that were set further from each other. No one there suffered from malocclusion! Three percent at the very most.

Weston Price did research in 13 more different places and came to the conclusion that a lack of certain nutrients changes the shape of our skull, making it more narrow in the people of civilized society, and for that reason our teeth are not aligned in the appropriate way anymore. The results of his research also demonstrate that the thickness of the skull decreased by half. The complete story and pictures you can find on the link below. Weston Price shows in his research how harmful our nutrition has become in the last 100 years.


Written by: Simon Koorengevel /

Source: nutrients and physical degeneration by Weston Price

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