Every day, we make choices about the kinds of nutrition we offer our children. These choices are often made subconsciously, for example we are influenced by the advertisements on the television and slogans on the packaging. In these instances, we mistakingly believe that what we are feeding our children is healthy. The health of our children is compromised because we are misled as to what healthy nutrition really means.

Many parents assume that their child is eating properly when they notice that he or she occasionally consumes a few vegetables at dinner time. Some also believe that having a daily glass of chocolate milk will give them all the power and energy they need on a daily basis.

In order to remove any misunderstandings which may exist in regard to nutrition for children, we offer you a fact based summary of important points to keep in mind while you pursue providing your child with a healthy well balanced diet.

For children especially, it is important to have all the essential nutrients in their daily diet because they are still growing, and their brains are still developing. By bringing your child into contact with a conscious healthy lifestyle at a young age, many health related issues in the near and distant future can be prevented.

Unfortunately in todays society, we have to contend with degraded soil, environmental pollution, chemical additives, and excessive amounts of sugar in our food products. All of which increase the risk of developing deficiencies and health related problems.


img_6284_01Having healthy children is the desire of any parent, as healthy children are happy children. Wouldn’t it be great to reduce the amount of visits to the doctor? which besides being rather costly, is very stressful for your child.

Inside this ebook, you will learn all about:

  • The Importance of child nutrition
  • The common nutrient deficiencies in todays food
  • Teaching your children about healthy eating
  • How to fight and eliminate childhood obesity
  • The optimal nutrition for your children
  • And much, much more!