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You know you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol when you can’t function normally without having used them any more. There are 76 million alcohol addicts and roughly 200 million illicit drug users worldwide. This DVD will help you overcome your addiction. Follow our training course on the DVD!

Healthy teenagers

When they’re in their teens, it is important to have your children stay in shape. Are they eating too much junk food? Should they exercise more? This DVD will show you what is best for your teen to stay happy and healthy.


A mind map is used to visualise information from the mind. It is usually centered around a single word or phrase placed in the centre, with each association to that phrase branching out. It can be used to detect problems and express creativity, among others. Find out all about mind mapping and how it can help you on this instructional DVD!


Neuro-linguistic programming consists of using language and special techniques to adapt certain connections in your mind and to create new connections, in order to relieve you from mental issues. In this DVD, we will explain how this process takes place and teach you how it’s done in the course!

Dealing with emotions

Sometimes, emotions are hard to deal with. Do you feel mixed up with an emotion? Can’t quite put your finger on it? This DVD will offer you some guidelines to help you deal with your emotions, to help you become more relaxed.

happy relationship

If you’re not satisfied with your relationship, you and your partner need to take steps to do something about it. Find out on this instructional DVD how to overcome your problems, and follow the included training course!


Sexuality is a basic property of mankind. If you’re not comfortable with your own sexuality, watch this DVD for tips on how to feel happy with your sexuality again. This DVD will also mention STD’s and is packed with tips on how to prevent them.


You can become more self-confident! Learn how to take matters into your own hands, and you can also take the initiative by following the easy steps we offer in our training course on this instructional DVD!

Healthy Pregnancy

Making a baby is the greatest gift in life. When you’re pregnant, you’ll want to create the perfect environment for your child. This DVD contains many tips on how you can have a healthy pregnancy and will bear a beautiful child!


Parenting Skills

As a parent, the most important thing in your life is to raise your child so that it feels safe and learns to be self-confident. Whenever you need help or a few tips on raising your children, this instructional DVD will help you on your way!


Orthomolecular medication describes preventing diseases and keeping the human body healthy by maintaining ideal amounts of all types of substances natural to the body. This instructional DVD will help you explore what your body needs and how to keep the balance optimal!


Most women reach their menopause in their late 40’s or early 50’s. This change almost never goes without issues: most women suffer from a selection of a long list of discomforts. Find out on this instructional DVD how you can minimise your discomfort!

Superfood & Rawfood

Do you have a feeling that you need reinforcement? Are you wondering if you can do that with food? Rawfood will help you feel better! This DVD will explain what rawfood and superfood are, and which food will help you become a healthier person.


Want to relax from a stressful life? Are you feeling nervous or jumpy? Yoga can be a very relaxing thing to do, and it will show you how you can look at the world differently. Find out on this instructional DVD what yoga can do for you!














The European Health Foundation would like to create the videos together with partners who are specialised in these fields

What does a content partner do?

A content partner contributes to a video by providing texts, images, instruction sheets, and/or power point presentations.

The texts will be used in a studio to create a voice-over. The European Health Foundation combines these texts with carefully selected image material to create a good video presentation.

In the case of an already existing video, that video will need to be updated.

It is possible for multiple people or companies to make a contribution to the same video.

We are also looking for people who want to correct our work. As soon as a text is ready, we would like you to check it and to add useful, practical tips where needed.

Win-win situation

The main motivation for participation must be a willingness to help other people with their health by means of sharing one’s knowledge.

Between partners the aim is to create a win-win situation.  Everyone who makes an essential contribution will be mentioned in the video and/or on the DVD cover. They will also be given the opportunity to use the video for personal or company purposes (shared rights). Videos are sold both online and offline in almost all large shops.

We are looking for content partners and/or correctors on the following topics:

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Feel free to approach us if you have knowledge of another subject concerning health.

Interested? Mail: or call (0031) 40-8440000 (Stefan Rooyackers)