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Is it possible to lose weight without exercising? 

Many people wonder whether it is really necessary to exercise if they want to lose weight. The answer to this question varies per person. For most people, it will be necessary to start exercising if they permanently want to lose weighty.

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Why is exercising necessary?

It is hard to understand the impact of fat burning through exercise if you don’t know how your body uses its daily calorie intake. Sixty to seventy percent of the energy we get through our food, is used to make our heart beat and to let our brain and other organs function. This means the biggest part of energy is used without putting in any effort. Ten to fifteen percent is used for digestion. Only fifteen to twenty percent is used for all physical activities, such as standing up straight, walking, moving around and exercising.


People who don’t exercise will use only about eight percent of their energy for muscular activity. When you don’t get enough exercise, you will consume a surplus of energy, which is often converted into fat. To reduce this surplus, you can decide to go on a diet (to eat less), or you can start exercising. The biggest problem with diets is that you gain pounds quickly afterwards, the so-called yo-yo effect. It is not a good idea to lose weight with a diet intended to attain a short-term weight loss. The best way to burn more calories than you eat is through exercise.

Which sports are suitable for losing weight?
Sports can be divided into two categories: cardio (running, cycling, swimming) and athletics (mostly muscle training). It is best to employ both categories. A short workout (15 minutes to half an hour) works well when training 3 to 5 times per week. If you work out 2 times per week, it is best to train for half an hour to an hour every time.


Sports that require physical activity are the most suitable if you want to lose weight permanently. A higher brain activity also increases the energy consumption of your body. So even chess will help you lose weight, if slightly. There are of course differences in the amount of energy you burn with each sport. A short overview can be found below. Do keep in mind that it you should not focus solely on the calories, but also pick a sport you enjoy. This will make it easier to stick to it.

Amount of calories per hour (calculated for a person of 70kg – if you weigh more, you will also burn more calories).

  • Running – 300 to 450 Kcal p. hour
  • Walking – up to 300 Kcal p. hour
  • Swimming –up to 600 Kcal p. hour
  • Cycling – 300 to 400 Kcal p. hour
  • Boxing – up to 700 Kcal p. hour
  • Squash – up to 600 kcal p. hour
  • Tennis – up to 500 kcal p. hour
  • Rowing – up to 550 kcal p. hour
  • Dancing – up to 400 kcal p. hour

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