Every health insurance company can benefit greatly from online health training courses. Clients will declare a lot less and can be helped 24/7.

We will place the training courses on your website for you!

The training courses can be purchased in two ways:

  1. No initial costs. You pay 2 euro per customer and per module. The customer will get access to the online training courses for 6 months.
  2. License: You pay a fixed amount per month. You will receive the right to give an unlimited number of customers access to the health training courses, on the condition that they are your customers.

Entitlement Fee
250 euro per month per video training (Burn-OutLosing weightNutrition, Depression, Quitting smoking, etc.), up to a maximum of 1000 euro for all videos.
Minimum period is 12 months, then terminable per month.

You will receive promotional videos free of charge to place on your website.

Customisation in the videos themselves is possible. Examples are:

  • Adding your logo
  • Making a personal introduction (of your company or yourself in front of a green screen)
  • Removing parts of a video
  • Developing and adding parts exclusively for you

All mentioned prices are tax exclusive. VAT
The above mentioned rates will increase. However, the prices mentioned above are fixed for 3 years.