How to detoxify your body

Your body gets taxed from the inside and outside every day. Because of this, your body often has a hard time. It is filled with pollutants that you have to get rid of again

Detoxify your body

Inside and outside

Your body can get taxed from the inside when you eat food that contains residuals that aren’t good for your digestion and metabolism. You are also taxing your body when you eat too fast. Or we burden our body with medicine and amalgam fillings that contain harmful mercury. Amalgam is mainly used for dental fillings. Mercury can also be found in many vaccines that also contain aluminium, which you would also rather not have in your body. Acidification and stress also come from inside your body.

Examples of taxation from the outside are eating wrong foods, toxins in the water, ground or air, cosmetics and deodorant that contain aluminium. There are also pathogens, such as UMTS, Wi-Fi and radioactivity, that aren’t good for you. In addition to this, there are also more dioxins, pesticides and antidepressants in tap water than most people realize. Clothing also carries residues of pesticides, colorants and detergent.



If you want to get rid of these pollutants and neutralize the negative influence of them, you have to stimulate the organs that are responsible for the excretion of toxins from your system. To prevent  toxins from entering your bloodstream and thus damaging your cells, they are stored in your fat tissue and organs. The organs in your body that are responsible for the excretion of toxins are your liver, kidneys, bowels, skin, lungs and mucosa. They all require a different approach for getting detoxified.



  • The best way to detoxify your liver is to ingest Spirulina, which is a unicellular blue-green, spiral-like algae. The United Nations call it ‘The best food for the future’. Astronauts would supposedly take it with them into space because of the beneficial qualities. It is said to help the body deal with radioactivity and 70% of it consists of proteins. It also contains all eight essential amino acids and many vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Furthermore, it is the best source of gamma-linolenic acid, which is an essential fatty acid. Finally, it strengthens your cellular immune system.

If you want to detoxify your liver, you can also eat bitter tasting foods, such as Belgian endive, Brussels sprouts, endive, rucola, but also turmeric and aloe vera. These foods will stimulate the liver to produce more glutathione; an antioxidant that is crucially important for the production of white blood cells. Artichokes and grapefruit juice are also very good for your liver. Lastly, drinking a cup of warm water also has a detoxifying effect.

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