I look tired!

You wake up, look in the mirror and you look very tired. Does this sound familiar? We often put some make-up on or use creams to hide the dark circles under our eyes, putting our faith in these cosmetics to make us look fresh and energetic during our busy life. These means can help you accomplish this, but sometimes there is something else the matter. It can be food which is making you look so tired.

I Look tired







If you continuously look tired, while trying your best to look more awake, it could be your diet that is causing this. In this article we will look at some of the possible malefactors. Carry on reading to find out what you can accomplish by changing your diet and how you can look more energetic!


Food that contains a lot of salt can dehydrate you. A dehydrated skin makes you look more tired than you actually are. Instead of salt, you can use herbs to season your food.

Artificial sweeteners
Regular sugars can cause infections, but artificial sweeteners will do this even more! And infections make you look bloated. Artificial sweeteners often contain aspartame, which is suspected of contributing to swollen and painful joints and cravings for sugar. Instead of these artificial sweeteners, you should choose natural sugars, preferably fruit sugars, to prevent looking bloated.


One glass of wine during dinner won’t cause you a lot of harm, but anything more than that can cause dehydration. If you can’t resist alcoholic drinks, it could be a good idea to pick a drink that also contains water or drink some water in between.

Fried food

Ebi tempura, french-fries and onion rings are the worst enemy of your skin. Fried food contains a lot of oil and unsaturated fats. This will cause the blood cells to stick together and clog arteries, which will make your skin look dull.


Carbohydrates can damage the collagen in your skin, which will make your skin look chubby and unhealthy. An overdose of carbohydrates will not only cause you to look tired, but also makes you FEEL tired. Try to eat a salad instead of a sandwich 2 times a week and add more vegetables to your meals, instead of rice or bread.


Candy contains a lot of sugar and no useful nutrients. Overconsumption of sugar will make your insulin levels rise, after which they will drop again rather quickly. This causes you to feel tired. Candy can also be the cause of the puffy skin under your eyes. If you can’t resist candy, try to eat smaller portions.

Red meat

No, you don’t have to become a vegetarian. But eating red meat more than once a week may cause wrinkles! This is because red meat contains carnitine, which hardens the veins. So it is advised to eat red meat once a week at the most.


Especially canned meat-products are known to cause infections in the skin that can give you a pallid face. So instead of the canned goods, try putting fresher products on your sandwich.


Spicy food

Spicy food is good for your metabolism, but isn’t so good for your skin. Spicy food can cause irritation of the skin, which in turn makes your skin less smooth. Try to use milder products in your meals.

I hope this will inspire you to make your own diet more healthy and to look fresh and energetic every day!

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