Are you overweight? Is the endless choices of diets available driving you mad?
This course will give you more insight into the most effective and healthy methods avaliable to help you lose weight . The only obstacle in reaching your goal may be yourself. The best way to achieve permanent results is by changing your lifestyle; this is the most difficult part for most people. We will help you understand how choosing and eating your food in the right combinations can start you on your way to achieving your goals. We will provide an abundance of tips, such as:

  • How to change your diet and start eating healthy food
  • Providing the right motivational tools to help you to exercise more
  • How to stay realistic in todays sometimes unrealstic social arena
  • Being aware that losing weight takes time.

The United Kingdom as a whole is becoming more obese every day; we can help prevent this.
Weight gain has been a growing problem in the UK for the past thirty years, especially among young adults and children of 4 years and older. Of men over 40, more than half are overweight. Nearly 40 percent of the population in the UK suffers from moderate to severe obesity.

Is being overweight really that unhealthy?
Yes, it is very unhealthy and can lead to serious health problems! Diabetes is the most common of these. In this video, we will familiarise you with the symptoms and causes, so that you can begin to take immediate steps in stopping this disease from affecting you and your family.

Calculate your fat percentage.
With convenient and easy to understand formulas, we make it possible for you to calculate your body mass, body fat, and how many liters of water you need to drink on a daily basis to maintain a properly functioning system. Thanks to the Body Mass Index calculator, it is easy to determine the fat percentage of your body, and the results will show whether you are overweight or not.

Is a coach too expensive for you?
You probably have tried an exorbitant amount of possible diets, and have still not attained any of your weight loss goals. We will give you a great advantage by becoming your own personal coach, showing you the best ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank in the process.

Guide yourself with your own personal plan.
Obesity is on the rise in the United Kingdom. This video training will not only give you the most relevant information on losing weight and avoiding obesity, but also on healthiness in general, the advantages of sports and exercise. All these topics will be discussed both individually and in relation to each other, so that after watching this video, you will know where you currently stand in terms of healthiness and where you need to be.

large_5967_01If you are seriously overweight and in danger of becoming obese, get your copy of ‘Losing Weight Nature’s Way’ now! Reading this book represents a significant step forward on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

First, it indicates that you or somebody close to you – perhaps a family member or loved one – has a weight problem. If it is just for yourself, it shows that you are aware and have acknowledged your problem. This is always the first and most difficult hurdle to clear.

Second, the fact that you have begun to read this book says that you have finally decided to do something about your weight problem, which is a VERY significant shift in the way that you think about yourself and how you want to be in the near future.

In ‘Losing Weight Nature’s Way’, you will learn:

  • How to know if you are in danger of becoming obese
  • How weight loss works physically inside your body
  • How much energy you really need to get through your day
  • The difference between gaining weight and gaining muscle
  • The relationship between weight gain and refined foods
  • The benefits of regular exercise combined with sensible eating to lose pounds
  • Which kinds of exercise are best for losing weight
  • How to figure out the net calories that you burn very day
  • The importance of drinking water, and how essential it is to weight loss
  • The importance of eating more fruit and vegetables
  • A comprehensive list of foods that are delicious as well as good for you
  • Plus much, much more!

large_4332_01Tired of all the fad diets? and realising that they essentially tell you to starve yourself in order to lose weight, or that they never really work at all?

Here’s a weight loss plan that takes care of your weight while taking care of you!