Losing weight with shakes


How can you lose weight with shakes?


You can lose weight with shakes if you follow a protein diet, with which you try to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and consume a lot of proteins. Such a diet will help you lose weight without losing muscle tissue, because 90% of your weight loss will consist of fat!


Shakes that are rich in protein slow down the transportation of the food from your stomach to your bowels. This will make you feel full for a longer period of time and thus help you to eat less. Proteins will keep your blood sugar low, and your body uses up more energy-processing proteins than carbohydrates. Because of this, a large amount of the energy you consume will be used right away!


And what about my muscle tissue?

If you lose weight with shakes, you don’t have to worry about your muscle tissue. This will be sustained by the amount of proteins in your shakes.


Be careful when losing weight with shakes!

There are some well-known protein diets that only make you eat food that contains a lot of unhealthy fats. It is also not wise to eat only proteins and no other essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fibres.

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