Take care of your own health! The European Health Foundation finds it important that everyone can take care of his or her own health, without having to spend a lot of money.


“The mission of the European Health Foundation is to provide people an extra aid in the form of self-help training videos on several relevant health related issues. These videos enable people to work on their personal health matters, and/or the health of their family, in a cost-friendly manner.”



In this time of crisis, therapists and health coaches are a costly expenditure. The European Health Foundation is not a replacement for professional medical assistance, but intends to provide its customers with a range of suggestions in order to cope with their health matters, so they can improve their lives! In the future we want to expand the range of topics available. The aim is to make a video together with bonus material, for every health issue for which there is demand. Aside from that, we intend to broaden our geographical horizons and export our product throughout Europe, Unites States and Asia.