New way of eating

Tips to lose weight:

1. Get rid of all temptations: throw away all potato chips, cookies and other junk food that’s rich in sugar.

2. Eat more healthy snacks in between meals, so you will never feel very hungry.

3. Have a small meal in the evening and a big breakfast in the morning. People who do not eat anything for breakfast will usually gain weight faster than people who get the same amount of calories, but do eat something for breakfast.

4. Know the reason why you are eating! If you’re eating because of stress or unhappiness, it is important to find out where these feelings come from.

5. Always have some food with you in case of emergencies. Make sure you have some healthy snacks with you, so you can eat something when you feel hungry unexpectedly. Keep these snacks in your car or in your handbag. In many situations you will not find healthy food in your vicinity, and having a healthy snack at hand will prevent you from buying unhealthy food.

6. Keep a food diary. Write down your weight so you can track your progress. This will motivate you to lose even more weight.

7. Eat slowly and be aware of what you eat and how you eat. If food doesn’t get fully digested, nutrients will not be absorbed well by the body. Furthermore your bowels might get overburdened. Taking your time when eating will also give your body the opportunity to produce substances that will give you that saturated feeling. When you eat too fast, you might still feel hungry while your body doesn’t need any more food, but hasn’t been given enough time to let you know.

New way of eating








These practical tips are from the workbook that comes with the DVD ‘Nutrition’. When purchasing this DVD, you will not only help yourself to get a healthier lifestyle, but you will also support the foundation in making new DVD’s, which they can use to help more people with their health issues. The DVD will be available in our shop soon.

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