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Burn-out Online

Heb je langere tijd last van stress? Wanneer je hier niets aan doet loop je het risico op een burn-out. Onderzoek van TNO en het CBS wijst uit dat bijna 1 miljoen Nederlanders te maken heeft met burn-outklachten. Dat zijn 1 op de 8 werknemers.

MRET Water Activator

The MRET Water Activator is an easy to use household appliance to activate water in such a way that it optimally hydrates your body.

Training to become a health coach

You would like to help people with health advice. The European Health Foundation has a training based on a biometry device which scans people on 250 points within a few minutes. You can use this device for consumers or companies as part of the PME (Preventive Medical Examination). The costs of the device are included in the price.


The WaveRider is a patented device which provides protection against electromagnetic radiation of electronic devices.